Oleander PR

About Oleander PR

Oleander PR is the brainchild of a one woman powerhouse,and fairly new agency rapidly growing in name, talent and confidence. Prides itself with experience in all facets of Acting, Marketing, Retail, Communications, Networking, and more. Focusing on the various personas, and responsibilities within the Entertainment Industry, Oleander PR isn't shy to reach out and take on a challenge even if for a small Freelance Agency with friendships, resources and both National, International connections forged in honesty, trust and faith, with quality of work never compromised.


Vision, Focus, Strategy, Outcome

Using the reputable services of communication ranging from traditional print, major networks and social media, 'Old Fashioned' word of mouth is also an effective tool to get clients where they need to be. Oleander PR, focuses on the client's' objectives to either create an image, promotion of an event, marketing, branding,canvassing potential investors should the need arise, then strategically devising a plant focusing on the client's needs, and overall goals. Constant research on new, and effective marketing, network, pitching tools, communications resources are always on hand in order to not only be one of the best in the world of Public Relations but, gives our clients added success in reaching beyond their targeted goals, dreams and desires.


Questions, Support or want to hire Oleander PR?

Whether it be branding, promotional, marketing, networking the product or project Oleander PR has the solutions that will compliment and put you in all the right places. Knowing to never 'bite off more than we can chew', nor will Oleander PR claim to be the best Freelance PR agent (that would be awesome though), we'd love to hear from with questions, inquiries on what Oleander PR can offer you, rates and more. 

Simply put, Oleander PR will never make promises it cannot keep!!  Creation, Strategy, Focus, Success is the embodiment that makes Oleander PR.  Contact Oleander PR by using the Contact Form or by direct email to: Donna - dsoleanderpr@gmail.com